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Firehouse 27: Maverick by Leesa Mason

Tessa needs a fresh start after finally leaving her abusive ex, so when she found an ad for an opening as a vet in a small town, she took it. This is her opportunity to help animals who couldn't help themselves. What she didn't count on though is a firefighter who pushes her buttons and will do anything to save a kitten.


Warning: This is a steamy, small town romance with abusive relationships mentioned, but not shown on the page. Rescue animals are mentioned, but all animals survive.

Start reading on Kindle Vella here.

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Firehouse 27: Hunter by Leesa Mason


Jennifer has crushed on Hunter since she was a little girl, but as his best friend's little sister she was always regulated firmly in the friend zone. When she gets injured though, with her brother out of town, Hunter steps up and moves in to make sure she gets the care and help she needs.

This is a steamy, small town romance with brother's best friend and forced proximity tropes.

Start reading on Kindle Vella here.

Poetry & Music by Leesa Mason

Daisy Jones & The Six meets Fancy Fastwater in this rockstar romance.


Flora doesn't like to be touched and she's super shy. The only time she feels comfortable is when she's writing poetry. Even performing that though is a challenge. She gets the opportunity of a lifetime to go on tour with her favorite band, and do poetry readings along the way. The only problem is that she's already embarrassed herself in front of River, the lead singer, and she needs his permission for her next project.

Warning: This book discusses touch aversion and anxiety. There will be an HEA, but there is cheating. If you are not comfortable with these topics, please do not read this book.

Start reading on Kindle Vella here.

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Bro, Awesome by Leesa Mason


There's no way around it, Wren is flat out broke so she has no choice but to accept the position with a lame startup where three friends are trying to make it big by showing the world new and extreme flips and tricks. This is only a step to her bigger and brighter future, and the only thing standing in her way is the stupidity of their business and their smoking hot bodies. That and the fact that they don't seem to mind sharing her, at least among themselves.


Warning: This is a why choose romance where the heroine has multiple love interests and will not be forced to choose. If you are not comfortable with such topics, please do not read this book.

Start reading on Kindle Vella here.

Welded Hearts by Leesa Mason

Megan is an ad exec from New York with unexpected car troubles in a small town outside Philadelphia. Originally from Chicago, Nick owns the only mechanic shop in a 50 mile radius, and he's not impressed with Megan's attitude, but he's definitely noticed her body. What's the harm in a little fun until they go their separate ways?


This is a small town, enemies to lovers romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhangers.

Start reading on Kindle Vella here or Radish here.

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