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Welded Hearts by Leesa Mason


A career driven woman. A grumpy mechanic. Stuck in BFE.

Melanie Donnelly does not have time for this. After her car breaks down in a small town, returning home and achieving a long overdue promotion feels like a long shot. Matters are not helped by the downright asshatness of the only mechanic in the whole county.

Nick Hornik relishes his quiet solitude. But when a tight skirt with fuck me heels comes into his shop, memories of being told he's worthless return. And when he's the only who can rescue her, the town pariah wonders if getting involved is ever worth the effort.

Falling for the big city lady, Nick fights the urge to fail at his job in order to keep her close just a little bit longer. And though Melanie knows her upcoming promotion should be her priority, she is torn between reality and a daydream.

Can these two get out of their own way long enough to realize they're the accepting home they've each longed for?

Welded Hearts is a steamy small-town romance novel. If you enjoy women who don't want to be saved, tattooed badboys, and neighborly matchmaking, then you'll love Leesa Mason's emotional love story.

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Love in Hiding by Leesa Mason

Ali never goes anywhere without looking over her shoulder and double checking the guest list at least twice. Not letting the media find her is hard work. So a Caribbean getaway with her bestie is a great way to relax and brainstorm her next novel.

Or it would be if it weren't for Sam, her best friend's older brother showing up and distracting her from her relaxation. How can anyone relax with so many butterflies in their stomach? Throw in having to share a bed and it's almost impossible to keep her secret.

Could Sam be worth returning to the spot light for?

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Captured by a Knight by Leesa Mason


Ryder Knight has mocked me and my reading habits since middle school. I'm so close to escaping him, I can practically feel it. I just need to keep my head down and get through my senior year, then I'm free.

That is until we're paired together for a class project and I get locked out of the house and his twin sister becomes my only friend. Now Ryder's driving me to school and showing me the high school experience I'd always wanted. I just have to keep reminding myself that none of this is real and at the end of the project, we'll go our separate ways.

Because that's what I really want, right?


Warning: This is a New Adult enemies to lovers high school romance with bullying-themes and aspects of self-abuse. If you are not comfortable with such topics, please do not read this book.

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